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To start your visa application, just select a country and click the button above. (more available destinations will be available soon)

This electronic service provides assistance to travellers who need to apply for a visa (also called "entry permit"). It is not affiliated with the governments of the targeted countries, immigration agencies or any other related government agencies or departments. This website is a commercial website that assists travelers in aquiring their fully or partially electronic travel authorization.

Why you should use our service:

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Official Authorities

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Tooltip for every application form question, including “how to”-pictures.

You need help or have a question while filling out your application form? We give you all the information you need to answer every question correctly. We also extend our tooltips every time we see questions asked several times by different users.

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There are tooltips in some but not all cases. Some special cases are not explained through official tooltips.

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Several languages. You can switch dynamically!

You can display the application form as well as every tooltip in your favorite language. At the moment, there are only a few languages available but there will be additional languages soon!

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In most cases, application forms and tooltips will be offered in the national languages only. For example, if you are using the website of the Canadian government, you will be able to choose only between French and English language.

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Every application is reviewed by our support staff.

Every support member is familiar with mistakes that usually happen to users filling out visa application forms. You form will be reviewed very precisely. There are mistakes and false entries that will only be noticed by experienced reviewers, such as the wrong number of digits of a passport ID.

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A finished application will be checked automatically. Some mistakes won’t be noticed since the system cannot detect them.

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Automated error filtering

Our system is frequently updated to add new mechanics that prevent users from doing mistakes while filling out their applications. For example, we autocorrect some entries that were made by mistake (double space etc.) and could lead to a declined application.

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Typically, there are error filters but they are often limited. Also, it is not detectable how often official error filtering systems are updated.

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Support and assistance 24/7

We offer 24/7 email support in various languages. Support will answer as soon as possible. Yet waiting times can depend on the number of requests at a certain time.

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In many cases, there will be no support at all. Often you will have the opportunity to use support ticket systems. Average waiting times differ between several hours and up to a few days.

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High quality service for your money.

In most cases, our service will be more expensive than the official, governmental service. For example, the support of one Canada eTA application costs 70.00€ (including 7$ processing fee for the governmental service). We believe that high quality is something people are willing to spend more money on. That’s why we keep our prices at a rate that allows us to serve high quality support and service.

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In general, official services can offer you lower prices because there are no extended services that cost money. You could say, that you get what you pay for.

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